Every Second Counts!

What if we could easily capture special moments in our lives - a few short seconds at a time - automatically stitch them together and instantly share them with the world? That was the driving question and our response was always “that would be epic!”



Epic Events lets you capture up to 10 seconds of video in a clip. Too short you say? Give it a try. We think you'll like it!

For all you creative types out there, consider this your very own highlight film maker, where you play the producer, cinematographer, and creative director. Capture the moment and focus on the fun.

Now that’s epic!


The “edit” feature is quite epic indeed. If you want to add or even hide clips in your epic its as easy as checking or unchecking the clips. When you play your epic back or share it online it will only show those cuts that you deem to be truly epic. Get started right away by using video you already have on your phone.

So easy its Epic


Epic Events are worth sharing. Once you decide to watch your epic video or simply share it out to the world, Epic automatically combines all of your clips into one sharable, playable, viewable HD experience. It’s truly epic... because you did it!

Did we say Epic?

these are...epic

“An innovative take on 'home movies'.”

Nicholas Tisch, Epic customer

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